Monday, May 23, 2011

Daniel's Rocket

61 feet

Sakiko's rocket

87 feet.

Trevor's rocket

Trevor had the high for 7th period: 125 feet. Nice work!

Ricky's rocket

Alexis's Bottle Rocket

The Bieber Bomber goes 150 feet. Nice.

Hiroki's Rocket

Although Hiroki's fell short of Alex's, Hiroki's launch was still quite noteworthy. At 250 feet, it beat out all launches in 7th period as well as all launches from the Fall semester. Nice work, Hiroki!

Alex's Bottle Rocket - all-time record

Alex's bottle rocket traveled an unbelievable 412 feet, setting a new all-time ASIJ record! Congratulations to Alex for excellent engineering. In the video, the rocket exceeds the ability of the camera person to track it, but yes, it did go over the fence. Not only that, but the first set of trees as well.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lego meets Rube Goldberg!

Ms. Kim found this AMAZING Rube Goldberg machine that used Lego Mindstorms material! Check it out!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

S11 7th Period - Dima Zach, William and Daniel

Their project had lots of twists and turns and ups and down, and finally, we were able to capture this marble rollercoaster on film. Actually, this group had lots of pieces but couldn't quite get everything to fit in together, so finally, we went with this. Still pretty cool.

Spring 2011 - 7th Period - Saki and the The Three Ts

Saki, Tonio, Trevor and Tyler with an awesome, double-barreled project, complete with video of the first, unsuccessful, run.

Spring 2011 - 6th Period - The Dudes

This is from Hiroki, Ricky, Brooks and Alex. These guys spent a lot of time on planning, and after dealing with lots of challenges, finally it all came together. Sorry for the bad camerawork!

Spring 2011 - 6th Period - Marie, Courtney and Alexis

This is actually their second project. Their first had an additional step to launch pens that would draw their name, but that, despite their best efforts, proved impossible given the conditions. So, they made this shorter version.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Milla's Bottle Rocket

Milla's best launch flew 120 feet - tops in her class.

Henry's Bottle Rocket

Henry's best launch flew 94 feet.

Tanya's Bottle Rocket

Tanya's highest went 51 feet.

Kenji's Bottle Rocket

Kenji's highest flew 34 feet.

Thomas's Bottle Rocket

His highest flew 30 feet.

Grant's Bottle Rocket

Grant's highest flew 48 feet.

Joel's Bottle Rocket

Joel's highest launch was 177 feet - tops in the class! Excellent German engineering, as usual.

Steven's Bottle Rocket

Highest launch was 143 feet.